Change the world

Moira de Roche is an independent consultant, with a focus on helping business and educational organizations design and develop learning programs, and measure the impact and return of these programs. She recently worked with a large University as Team Lead for an e-learning development project – this was for a Cyber Security diploma, providing her with some competence in this area.

Moira works with small companies, especially non-profit companies, to develop strategies and measure the achievement of strategic goals and objectives. She also considers herself as an Ethics Evangelist.
Moira is the Chair of IFIP IP3, and has been involved with this body since 2007. She is a Director on the Global Industry Council, an IFIP body comprised of senior people from all parts of the globe who are involved with ICT. As part of her work for IP3, she attends and speaks at the World Summit for the Information Society (WSIS) in Geneva each year. The focus of the summit is how an Information and Knowledge Society can be implemented around the world in support of the UNs Sustainable Development Goals.
She is a Professional Member and Fellow of IITPSA (Institute of IT Professionals South Africa) and a proud recipient of the “EngineerIT/CSSA Distinguished Service in ICT” award. She is a Director of (IITPSA). She was President of this body for four years, and currently serves as Honorary Treasurer. I am a Professional Member and Fellow of IITPSA.
Moira is passionate about issues facing women in the workplace, with a special focus on how to interest more girls in ICT careers, as well as how to ensure that women can achieve their potential. She is a trustee of the South African Computer Olympiad; whose function is to run the annual Computer Programming and Applications Olympiads in South Africa.
In March 2017, Moira recently appointed as a Non-Executive Director to Metropolitan Trading Company, an entity of Joburg City Council (South Africa) that is charged with developing and maintaining the broadband network in the city. She sits on the Social and Ethics Committee, and chairs the committee on HR, Remuneration and Transformation.